McKay Joinery

Prefab house on a quiet coastal road.

This house, on a coastal bush site with direct access to the water, was designed as a seachange destination for inner-city clients. It sits lightly in the landscape, not just by virtue of its construction but as a result of its plan – it's split into three parallel pavilions creating views of trees and sky from within every room, and allowing the structure to merge with rather than dominate the natural setting. It's one of many prefabricated houses designed by ARKit that feature custom timber doors and windows supplied by McKay Joinery.

Exterior view of ARKit's Three Pavilions house

The house is clad in black-stained blackbutt, for contrast against the coastal vegetation.

The three pavilions were built using ARKit's panelised building system, which significantly reduced the amount of time required for on-site construction. Two of the pavilions are connected by an enclosed walkway, one comprising an open-plan kitchen/dining/living space and the other two bedrooms and a bathroom. The third pavilion, with a master bedroom, reading nook and ensuite, is accessed via an external timber walkway.

Timber doorway at ARKit's Three Pavilions house

The master bedroom, in the third of the three pavilions, is reached via an external walkway.

Sliding timber doors at ARKit's Three Pavilions house

Sliding timber doors open up to connect adjoining bedrooms, and close for privacy.

Timber features throughout the house, reflecting the natural bush setting. The exterior is clad in black-stained blackbutt while inside there's engineered timber flooring; a range of fixed and operable timber windows, which maximise the natural light and access to views; and timber doors, including sliding doors that bring flexibility to the middle pavilion, closing to provide privacy to the bedrooms, and opening up to create a continuous internal space.

Photographed by Alessandro Cerutti.