McKay Joinery

ANMF Building, Melbourne.

Crone Architects' building for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation is an unmistakably modern addition to the built environment immediately north of Queen Victoria Market. However, it was designed with careful consideration for context, particularly along the Elizabeth Street frontage, where an existing two-storey heritage facade had to be retained.

The old facade was restored to original condition. As part of this process, McKay Joinery was called in to fabricate new semicircle-topped double-hung timber windows to replace the existing ones, which had deteriorated over many decades of use. As for many of our restoration projects, the new windows had to be approved by Heritage Victoria before they could be installed.

ANMF Building by Crone Architects in Melbourne

The composition of old and new structural elements adds to the texture of Elizabeth Street.

Now that the new windows are in place, passers-by can enjoy the authentic heritage facade and the building's occupants can benefit from the superior thermal and acoustic insulation offered by the brand new, solidly constructed timber frames.

Photographed by Glenn Hester.