McKay Joinery

Custom woodworking by Charles Sandford.

Since 2015, McKay Joinery has been part of the Charles Sandford custom woodworking business, operating out of a shared site in Preston. As a result, we're able to offer a full suite of custom timber fabrication services in addition to doors and windows, and provide an integrated service "under one roof".

Charles Sandford has been crafting timber since 1973 and provides woodturning, furniture, cabinetry, architectural components and other timber fabrication services for some of Australia's most respected architects, builders, developers and furniture designers, as well as homeowners. Their work spans cutting-edge architecture, building restoration, furniture, product components and commercial fit-outs.

For more information about Charles Sandford, you can visit their website.

The team at Charles Sandford fabricated this beautiful table to a custom design by B.E Architecture, for a house of theirs in Armadale. The table was crafted from solid elm reclaimed from fallen trees. Photographed by Peter Clarke.
Charles Sandford can reproduce architectural and furniture components using all traditional woodturning techniques. Projects range from large-scale building restorations and new furniture manufacturing to supplying replacements for damaged or missing verandah posts, balusters and furniture legs.